Inkjet Vs Laser Printers For Making planner Stickers

When you are preparing to startup your own sticker shop, a very important decision you'll need to make is choosing a printer. In general, there are two major factors that determine how good your final product's quality will be: the sticker paper and the print quality. In order to be successful, it is really essential to get a good printer that can consistently produce results in high quality.

Firstly, you should know that even printers with low-end are capable of producing really good results. However, there are some noticeable differences between the low-cost printers and high cost ones in terms of quality. Nowadays, there are many printers for sale that you can purchase for less than $100 which can consistently and efficiently make planner stickers.

I however still advise you to buy the best printer you can get within your budget. Cheap printers cannot compete with the more expensive printers in terms of durability. What this mean is that there may be a need to replace the machine sooner than expected, especially if it is being used frequently. Also, after considering the long run, lesser expensive printers are not really as cost effective.

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The toner/ink in printers with lower quality is actually more costly than the toner/ink in more expensive printers. If you plan to run your shop for at least a year, it is likely you'll save cost by buying a high quality printer up front.

For now, it doesn't matter if you are checking out high-end or low-end printers; a more important question that will need an answer is whether it is inkjet or laser. To provide a short answer, both type of printer are capable of creating great stickers.

If you want the longer answer, read on.

Cost Analysis

If you search the internet, you will find many articles that talk about the differences between inkjet and laser printers. Most of them discuss cost. In order to have a general knowledge of the calculations, I recommend you read some of the said articles. In general, the cost per page of a laser printer is usually much lesser than that of an inkjet printer.

You can get a regular low-end inkjet printer for around $100 and the replacement ink in the range of $30- $40. A typical laser printer can be purchased for around $200 and the replacement toner within the range of $60-$80 per cartridge. This shows that the initial amount of money invested on a color laser printer can be much higher than the total initial cost invested on an inkjet printer. However, don't jump into making a decision yet, as typical inkjet cartridges only last for about 100-200pages.


On the other hand, laser printers can print about 1000-1200 pages before they need a replacement. In general, the total cost per page when using a laser printer is usually much cheaper than when using an inkjet printer.

As a sticker printing shop owner, the cost per page concept is very important. This value will determine how much you'll sell your stickers. It is obvious that if you are able make or produce your product more quickly and cheaper, your profit margins will be higher and you will be able to offer your product at a good competitive price.

Print Quality

As I had suggested earlier, if you had searched online, you may have discovered that the best machines to print photographic images are inkjet printers, while the most suitable for printing text/graphics are laser printers. Although this notion is absolutely true, it doesn't mean that typical laser printers are not capable of printing good quality photographs. Let me make this completely clear for you; if you purchase a standard color laser printer, then there should be no problems printing photographic images.

It is true that there are occasionally a few flaws that appear to be because it was printed with a laser printer. However, you should be rest assured that your sticker designs will not be limited as a result of the constraints of your printer's quality.

If you use an inkjet printer, you will have none of these issues as the results inkjet printers produce are usually perfect. However, I also feel that laser printers are capable of printing standard quality products.

Sticker Functionality

As a result of the basic differences between how toner and ink printers operate, there are a few major differences between planner stickers that are made from inkjet and laser printers.

Firstly, ink actually absorbs into page while toner fuses on top of the printed paper like a caked layer.